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The world of trade has new dimensions nowadays - the E-commerce. It is the fastest developing marketing of all times. E-commerce has no borders, no time, no place.
All traders need is advertising their products in Internet. On the other hand customers may find what they need - products or services for the shortest time.
Impression Web Studio provides specialized E-commerce solutions which make it easier for traders and customers to offer and look for products and services providing protected payment transactions.
Here is an express shop short introduction:

  • General structure
  • Base pages
    • Products
    • Pricelists
    • Ordering
  • Aditional pages
    • Contact
    • Company news
    • Video
  • Admin site
    • Products management
    • Management of Customers
    • Orders Management
    • Offers
    • Newsletters
    • Favorite products
    • Paypal payment system
    • Pro user module
    • Other information
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