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New Algorithm “Kaliningrad” from Yandex

New Algorithm “Kaliningrad” from Yandex At 12/12/12 Yandex introduced its new algorithm "Kaliningrad", designed to provide personalized and custome-made information/SERP for each user separetly. Of course, Yandex will consider search history of each user. It means that search suggestions and ranked sites  classification depend from the user's search history.
Favorite sites appear more often but it does not mean that the SERP will only show sites related to user interests, because there is also another important factor like a spontaneity. On average, a personal search work for 75-80% of user requests. 
Personalization on Yandex works for all online users by default, but only works on those queries that can be related to the search history. If queries and clicks too little, personalized search is going off.  You can customize the settings to disable Yandex. This new algоrithm also operates from the mobile versions of the search.
Last year Yandex launched a new platform "Reykjavik", taking into account the language preferences of the user. Then came a few products with features dedicated to persoanlized issues. All  these products are part of a personal search and, of course, included in the "Kaliningrad". Just for information remaning, that Yandex gives the countries' names to all its algorithms: Magadan, Nakhodka, Arzamas, Snezhinsk, Konakovo, Obninsk, Krasnodar, Reykjavik, and now Kaliningrad. Next search platform will begin with the letter "D". 

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