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Free Online Courses about Internet Marketing from Google-Russia

Free Online Courses about Internet Marketing from Google-Russia Google Online Classroom  announced 3months training courses about internet marketing and online business promotion for FREE. From 1 October to 16 December, Google's leading specialists will instruct how to use Google's tools for Internet Marketing benefits (search engine optimization, web analytics, etc.) in order to attract more traffic to the website and increase the number of online sales.

This program includes online seminars, discussions with experts from the Internet industry, as well as video tutorials, work assignments, and more.

FREE Registration for internet marketing online training course by Google, allows you to:
  • Get regular online seminars with experts on Adwords, YouTube, Analytics, AdSense, Google+ and other products; 
  • Participate in discussions on relevant for the Internet industry topics; 
  • Communicate with colleagues and share their experiences on the development of online business; 
  • Get detailed expert advice on the performance of your AdWords advertising campaigns; 
  • Trained to pass the exam for becoming a Qualified Google specialist;
  • Get a lot of prizes, with the active participation in the activities.

You can read more about this seminar at Google-Russia blog.


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