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Google officially launched the module mod_pagespeed

Google officially launched the module mod_pagespeed Site speed is important - it is repeatedly reminded us Google. And that is why in 2010 the company launched a beta test open-source module for the Apache web server called mod_pagespeed, which reduces page load time on site 50%. Two years passed, during which the development team is committed to improving Google functionality, quality and performance of the module. Which allowed the instrument finally come out of beta.

Google is declaring this tool ready for broader adoption, though it's worth noting that a number of large hosting providers like DreamHost, Go Daddy and content delivery network EdgeCast have already been using it in production for quite a while now. The module applies up to 40 different optimization filters. It can, for example, optimize your images by compressing and resizing them automatically. Other optimizations include domain sharing and rewriting, CSS and JavaScript concatenation and modification, as well as deferred loading of images and JavaScript.

Unfortunately, the module mod_pagespeed in most cases does not give a significant increase in the speed of the site, but rather, on the contrary, can significantly slow down the loading process as server will need to invest resources in compressing images, scripts, use gzip transfer etc. Mod_pagespeed module is already used by more than 120,000 websites around the world, and Google invites you to join their ranks.
More about mod_pagespeed can be read here.

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